Thursday, July 16, 2009

1669. A transmission spring compressor and holder for Model T Fords, according to a patent for a similar tool:
...for compressing and holding transmission band springs, which band springs are carried by bolts disposed in a removable section of a transmission casing.

From patent number 1,433,944.

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1670. An elevator control panel, these were in use back when there were elevator operators to take you to your desired floor.

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1671. A blacksmith's top swage, used to form metal into a round shape, probably used with a similar shaped bottom swage, don't know the exact application:

From Jack Devitt's collection

1672. A Step-N-Edge sod cutter and lawn edger:

1673. This is the claw of a tape measure, it moves slightly so that it will give an accurate measurement from both hooking the claw over an edge or holding it against a surface, the distance that it moves back and forth is equal to the width of the claw.

1674. This piece of hardware is used to make a ramp to help get logs up onto a wagon, these are used in a pair, each is placed on top of a wagon wheel, a log is then put into the U shape with the other end going on the ground. Horses on the other side of the wagon can then pull the log up the ramp and into the bed of the wagon.

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